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Welcome to the Official Groove II Eclipse website

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This is the extensive story of Cambridge Rave scene outfit Groove II Entertainment Promotions who organised some of the most successful dance parties throughout East Anglia during the nineties. Their events have become illustrious within the UK and they are now without doubt amongst the elite in the ultimate old skool hall of fame.

This site has been written by me (Dan) and programmed by others,  all with the support and help of Groove II founder and promoter David Banks. 

Groove II Promotions was established in 1990 and quickly built up a good reputation with a string of sell-out events in their native Cambridge. Then in the summer of that year they made history when they introduced the now infamous ‘Eclipse’, which took place every month at the legendary Cambridge Corn Exchange.

We hope you enjoy this trip, taking you back through time to those fantastic times had by so many that were fortunate enough to experience the Cambridge Rave scene. Here you will find a vast collection of information from how it all began, the complete collection of flyers and pictures; awesome downloads through to the rarest of Groove II merchandise only available on this site.

We are always on the lookout for anything that can be added to this website. So if you can help with any information at all from merchandise and memorabilia to your stories or memories then please get in touch.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Daniel Graham

Ex-Hardcore Raver







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